martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Stop Standing There.

All this talking to you. I don't know what I'm to do. I don't know where you stand, what's inside of your head. All this thinking of you; is that what you're doing too? You're always on my mind. I talk about you all of the time.

Don't waste another day, don't waste another minute, I can't wait to see your face; just to show you how much I'm in it.
So open up your heart, help me understand, please tell me who you are, so I could show you who I am.

And as the time passes by, I hope you realize, If you ask me too, I might be with YOU...

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Souvenirs d'une fille dijo...

I love you so much!!!

i have a new blog in spanish cause i can't to write in my fotolog! What's a pity! lol!

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