miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

Almost 27.

Almost 27. Just that. It’s hard to see how you were most of the time there. With me. Against me, showing how to keep on fighting when everything seemed to be wrong. But although you taught me all those things, you lost in the end.

 I found no way to go straight or just to keep on with my life, because you weren’t there when it was supposed to be one of the most difficult moments in my life. At first, you were like a dream, because you know that 11 years old weren’t enough to figure you out as a reality. It was like dreaming, because it made no sense you weren’t there anymore. The days passed by and I was like just waiting for you to come back some day. Maybe, I thought, it just a simple joke and you were hiding behind the door waiting for me to pass by; or it was just like your birthday’s present as original and magic as always.

But I kept asking why you didn’t come back. It was so sad. So finally, I kept all the memories back in my mind. Somewhere, something, somehow… Thinking that wherever you are now, it’s so much better than the hell of earth. But I missed you. I’ve missed you. I’ve been miss you. I miss you. I’ll miss you and I’ll be missing you till the end. 

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