jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012


How easy it could be to break a promise? How easy it could be to keep a promise? As easy as simple. As complicated as difficult. When things go down again and again. When you don't know what else to do. But someone, somehow... Trust you and you feel like you're not alone anymore. 'Cause just one person think you're worth it.

Your smile gets bigger and bigger as the time passes by and then is when you forget about everything. 
That person that could tear you down. That boy that broke your heart into pieces. The one that played with your emotions and let you drop like a plastic bag, like if you didn't worth at all. 

Then everything makes sense: Life makes you go through all those things to keep and make you stronger, to finally find your aim in life. 

But you don't know you got it. In your hands, on your mind, in your head... All around you. But you keep searching for it, because you feel you wanted more and more. Because people want more. And you deserve more.

"Its been some time since you walked into my life. And I felt it before just like the moment you said its time, if you want it right now, then look into his eyes. If you need it right now, and you hope for something more"

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